Understanding the budget

One of the main purposes of the state’s funding formula is to equalize the amount of funding available to school districts and to provide a reasonably equal educational opportunity to all students throughout the state, regardless of which school district the student resides.

School districts with lower local revenue receive more state funding, and conversely, school districts with higher local revenue receive less state funding.

It should be noted that if actual local revenues of a school district are sufficient to fund its total operating costs, then state funding under the Nevada Plan is not provided.

Source: Fiscal Analysis Division, Legislative Counsel Bureau presentation to CCSD Community Budget Advisory Committee, Nov. 2, 2017 

Image taken from the presentation and discussion on the Nevada Plan by Mark Krmpotic, Senate Fiscal Analyst, Legislative Counsel Bureau and Julie Waller, Senior Fiscal Analyst, Legislative Counsel Bureau on Nov. 2, 2017 from the Community Budget Advisory Committee meeting.