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HOPE is part of a coalition of community organizations determined to ensure our public schools have sufficient funds to provide all the appropriate and necessary resources students need to reach their full academic potential and graduate to be college and career ready.

Nevada ranks near the bottom in the nation for funding K-12 education and was given a D- for its education funding by the QUALITY
. Per-pupil funding in Nevada has remained flat for the last ten years, when accounting for inflation, even while faced with rising costs, unfunded mandates and demands for increased students achievement.

"All students deserve appropriate resources to reach their
full academic potential and graduate to be college and career ready."

Nevada's students need

  • A new education funding formula that accounts for evolving demographic changes and that appropriately funds the needs of every Nevada student.

  • Lawmakers who respect and reflect the will of taxpayers and voters by using new revenue sources, such as the Marijuana Tax and Room Tax, to increase public education funding rather than to fill budget holes in other areas.

  • Increased funds and new mandates that come with accountability and resources to ensure results and a Return on the Investment in our students.


* To read more about the Nevada Plan and how we fund education in this state, click here.

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