HOPE finds its voice

The formation of HOPE began when a group of parents concerned with issues like rezoning, school over-crowding and the great disparity in per-pupil spending in their communities compared to the national average, realized that there was NO EXISTING FORUM for parents of the 314,000 Clark County students. No group with whom they could come together and lend their voice to initiate change. How could we the parents, a group so strong in numbers, not have a voice? HOPE is that voice. HOPE is made up of parent volunteers who have no constituents to appease, no business to promote, no pork belly projects, no paycheck to collect; absolutely no agenda other than to affect permanent education policy change for the better in the State of Nevada. When it comes to improving the lives and futures of our children, there is very little we as parents wouldn’t do. The time to prove that truth is now. Become part of HOPE as we work together to improve public education for all the children of Nevada.

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