Students perform below grade level

Seventy percent of all Nevada students DO NOT read, write, add or subtract at grade level.

Nevada’s students have the largest achievement gap in the country. If all Nevada students are to be successful, we must have a commitment from families as well as the community. Many parents do not realize that simple things like making sure their children have enough sleep, a well-balanced meal in the morning, and 15 minutes of reading every night, are fundamental predictors of success. One more basic step is to support early learning. The results of a study conducted by University professors, Greg J. Duncan and Aaron J. Sojourner, concluded that high-quality preschool would “reduce, if not eliminate, the early skills gap between America’s children from low and higher-income families.” It furthermore went on to state that at-risk children who had early childhood education are less likely to drop out of school, become teen parents, or get arrested for violent crimes. Gone would be the days of 70% below proficiency and Nevada students would be seeing successes not previously within reach.

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