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CCSD Sex Ed Reform FAQs

In the 2015 Legislative session, Nevada’s Legislators will be deliberating Bill Draft Request 38 (BDR38), aimed at reforming Nevada’s present Sexual Education Guidelines. Sponsored by Assemblyman Bobzien for the 3rd legislative session (AB230 in 2013 and AB314 in 2011), this piece of legislation has certainly caught the attention of Nevada’s parents. While the exact language of BDR 38 is not available yet, we can refer to this final version of AB230, the 2013 bill that passed in the Assembly 26-15 but was stopped in the Senate.

Once the bill is introduced, we can contact our legislators to recommend our support or opposition for the bill. Prior to that, parents can communicate their opinions to the CCSD Board of Trustees in person at scheduled Trustee meetings, via email or letter. CCSD will also be providing its recommendations  to the legislators, so parents should communicate their opinions to the CCSD Board of Trustees by the end of November.

If the Legislation passes, the process of determining the curriculum is as follows:

  1. CCSD Board of Trustees adopt the Guidelines.

  2. CCSD Curriculum-Professional Development (CPD) drafts curriculum, based on the Guidelines.

  3. CPD takes curriculum draft to the Sex Ed Committee for discussion, revisions and recommendation to the CCSD Board of Trustees.

  4. CCSD Board of Trustees casts votes for final approval.

Since curriculum is decided at the local level, school districts can pick and choose what pieces will be taught to our students, with input from the community. One of the documents up for analysis is the Sexuality Information Education Council of the United States (SIECUS) Guidelines. CCSD officials have stated that information will be posted on their website in the next two weeks, for all parents to view and comment on. The K-12 Developmental Messages CCSD Sex Education Curriculum will allow parents to view, comment, and cast their vote on each item, at each developmental level (note the boxes for Agree, Disagree, Undecided). Again, parents have through the month of November to submit their opinions to the school district.

The following link  will take you to the Sex Education Advisory Committee (made up of parents and community members) web page where you can find additional materials related to the work of the committee. Any suggestions or input can be emailed to sexedinput@interact.ccsd.net. If you have questions about the sex ed curriculum, you can call Mary Pike at 799-2348.

Lastly, don’t forget to mark your calendars for the following meetings:

* Monday, September 29th the Sex Education Advisory Committee Recommending Committee (a subcommittee of the Sex Education Committee) will meet at 4:00 p.m. in the Board Room at 2832 E. Flamingo Road. View agenda here.

* Thursday, October 9th CCSD Board of Trustees will have a NON ACTION ITEM on the agenda, to make all documents public and open the discussion. Note: Trustees WILL NOT be voting on any changes that day, nor will they be taking the document item by item.

Please continue to check our website for future updates and meeting notices, our posts on Facebook, and share with the CCSD community of parents.

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