Public education

The future of Nevada depends on the quality of a strong and stable public education system. 

Funding equity

Increased spending benefits our students through flexibility and ample resources. 


A system of checks and balances ensures integrity and honesty in spending and reporting.

Teacher pipeline

The shortage of teachers is a national crisis and we need to be competitive for that workforce.

Students first

Changes are inevitable but all education decisions must first focus on what's best for students.

Life ready

Graduation shows our students have grit. HOPE wants to ensure they are ready for life after school.

HOPE is nonpartisan, nonprofit, and nonpaid. We are made up of parent volunteers who have no constituents to appease, no business to promote, no pork belly projects, and no paycheck to collect. We have absolutely no agenda other than to affect permanent education policy change for the better in the state of Nevada with respect to these six core values: